Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bento No. 23 - Sesame Street : Elmo Bento

I bought a Elmo Bento Box from 100 yen shop recently. This give me the idea to make the characters from Sesame Street into Bento.

Sesame streets used to be my childhood favourite TV series. Oscar, Gurmit the Frog, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Berd and Ernie and so on...

But Kids in this generation seldom watch Sesame Street which I find it is a good Children education TV programme.

My Son ask me to make the characters on the Bento box. So my first homework is Elmo.

I spend one of the saturday morning trying to make coloured egg sheets. The food colouring turns out to be a bit too much, cut 2 circles from bread as his eyes and cheese as the nose.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching.. E's Grandma made some Mickey Mouse mooncakes.


  1. My boy loves Sesame Street.
    In fact I bought a few series for him and he watches them every now and then especially those on Alphabets, Numbers and Shapes.

    I also bought a Sesame St box from 100Yen but it is still neatly packed in the box! hahaha

    Your red egg sheet turned out ok leh... very RED! I tried making once and I have to throw away after that coz it looked horrible! :P

  2. I bought the Elmo series for my son when he is bit younger, he loves it.
    But when Count Dracula comes out, he will ask me to turn it off..haha..

    But my mum commented on my coloured eggsheets that it is too much colouring, not good for kids..haha..

    I will try to make it lighter next time..

    But we cant find any natural food that is blue in colour right?