Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Boy loves to go to School

Ethan has started his pre-school for about 2 months now. He cries when he reaches school for the first few days, but he gradually accepted to go to school day by day.

Today is the first day of the 1 week school break for my boy. So he was asking : "why no school today? I want to see Teacher Shakhira. " (Teacher Shakhira is his class teacher)

I am so glad to hear he loves his school so much he wants to go to school even he doesnt need to.

This is a good sign, as he does not portray going to school as a routine task. I want my kids to love learning not just study by hard.

I found most of the education system in Asian countries are very rigid and too result orientated.

Hope my boy will have a healthy learning environment without much pressure on homework etc..

I have seen a lot of parents around us sending kids for tution since the age of 3, while I find it bit surprising.

A toddler already started to count , adding and subtract and do 20 questions per day.

Oh my, the world is changing..

However, I rather let my boy learn at his own pace, i would send him to Karate,swimming or music class if he is interested.


  1. Glad to hear that your boy love his school. I think the teacher did a good job too isn't it?
    I totally agreed with you on the education nowadays! That's why all my boy's weekend activities are non academic - art class, music class, swimming and drama class, haha...I do plan to send him for karate, but I was told that it is best when the kid reaches age 7, that is when their muscle is ready for martial art. Not sure how true is that though.

  2. yes,sending to the right school also important.

    My boy loves the super heroes and all the robots and Ultramans.. so I think its good to send him for physical classes to utilise his energy..haha..

    I have collegues who are Karate coach, they said the youngest student they have is around 5 years old. He commented the concentration level is very low.

    So which means to start at 7 is a good advise also..

  3. Looks like age 7 is better than. So now martial art is out, haha...