Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bento No. 62 - Anpanman

Today I posted a bento made for E on Sunday for his lunch. This time i made an Anpanman Onigiri bento with Tamagoyaki, sausages, cucumber and carrot sticks.
Try on my new anpanman cutter on the egg sheet as the eyes and mouth, and crabsticks for the nose and cheeks.

Anpanman is one of my favourite characters too.. I have quite of big collection of the Anpanman figurines and toys.. ( now still inside "carton boxes" in the storeroom).

I have still have no time to unpack and display them after we move in our house.

Another confession, I have another addiction on collecting cute Japanese characters figurines and toys before i started bentoing.

E clear the bento in seconds. :)


  1. Cute Anpanman! No wonder E cleared this bento in seconds. The figurines and toys collection must be so precious. Hope you have time to unpack them little by little :)

  2. Hi Lia, you are back from your trip. Any new bento collections to share with us?

    yup.. hopefully..maybe when both E grows a lil bit older.

  3. Cute little Anpanman! Share your cute toys with us yeah once you unpack them :)

  4. Ai Ping, sure.. but I am not sure when..hehe..