Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My precious collections

I have promised earlier to some of my bento friends to share my figurines collection when I finally have time to unpacked them.

I got the chance to do so while i was house cleaning during last weekend. And we just bought 2 glass display cabinets. yipee!

Finally my precious collections is out of the box and to be shared with others.

I started collecting Precious Moments figurines while I was working and staying in Singapore. The figurines sure costs me a bomb. But I just love them too much.. the tear drop eyes figurines are simply adorable.
They are made from porcelain, so must handle with care. I have warned my kids they can only view but not touch my figurines in the cabinet.. :)

Now you understand why I was overwhelmed with the Precious Moments Christmas Theme at a mall during my trip to Singapore last year.

While there are some Anpanman and friends toy figurines that i bought at the Flea Market at Clarke Quay in Singapore. I believe now they have moved to Chinatown Point.

There are quite a big toy collectors community in Singapore, that's why i could get a nice collection of them.

The pair of Mickey and Minnie figurines was souvenirs bought from Hong Kong Disneyland. The precious moments couples in the wedding car is the figurine that placed on my wedding cake during our Big day. I just can't refrain myself from adding the parachute couples to my collection.

Pinochio and Tinkerbell is from HK Disneyland. Animal lovers will love these 2 figurines with little gal bathing and walking the puppies at the park.

I particularly love the one at the right, just like my son fall asleep beside his father watching TV.

The one at the background, there will be lightings on the Christmas tree with Christmas songs playing when you swith it on. Think you won't miss the one far right corner, a precious moment version of Monalisa portrait.

And here are some more.

Anpanman and friends

Hope you enjoy viewing my collection. :)


  1. WOW! You really have a big collections there! Congrats to theie "new home" yeah, such an elegant glass display cabinets! :)

  2. haha.. Ai Ping.. I sure they are pretty happy out of the dark boxes for so long.. (remember watching Toy story? haha)
    The cabinets are similar to the glass cabinet sold in Ikea. However there are no IKEA here.. I am overjoy when I finally saw this at one of the furniture shop.
    I still have many mini figurines waiting to join their friends..:P

  3. Haha sis, now i know what figurines you have so if i came across a cute one, i can add to your collection. Did i not buy you one before? maybe not...hmm..

  4. hi sis, i still have few more to display..hehe..
    did you? i couldn't remember... maybe i ask u not to..as difficult to hand carry back.

    I saw a few new release on singapore website.. felt like buying again..haha..but i control myself.. as I don't know when i will be in Singapore again.