Monday, May 9, 2011

Bento No. 77 - Super Mario Icon

My boy are into playing games recently. He likes to play Super Mario Wii Sport with her aunt ( my younger sister). I am not a "game" person since young.
However i did play a little bit of Super Mario. Its quite easy and the characters are fun..
I think Super Mario is a classic for the Nintento games. Can you imagine I played Super Mario when I was young, and now my son is still playing it. haha..I wanted to make Mario and Luigi.. however I need to prepare some red and green eggsheets. Next time maybe (I wish I had more time everyday).
I opt to make the other Super Mario Icons appear in the game instead. The typical Toad (Mushroom), Star and Flower.This time I remember to take the pictures to show the tools and a brief tutorial on how to make the icons.

1) For making Toad (Mushroom)

I use the a bear cutter for the mushroom head,
an arrow cutter for the stem. Round cutter for
round spot on the mushroom (Karenmama's bento book cutter).

or you can cut it out from Cheese by tracing the
shape of the Toad on a piece of paper.

2) Use the round side of the bear shape cutter on
a piece of ham, then trim the unwanted edges
by using a knife.

Use the bottom part of the arrow cutter on a
piece of cheese for the stem or the face of the

3) Tools for making Flower

An oval cutter on a piece of ham for the base.
A smaller oval cutter ( in this case I use a round cap, just press gently by fingers to make it an oval shape) on a piece of cheese and place it one the ham.

Then use smallest oval shape (Karenmama bento book cutters) for the face for the flower.

4) Easiest to make is the star, just use any star cutter will do.

All the expression are Nori cut by using Karenmama's bento book facial puncher.

And again I find the cutters and facial expression puncher that comes with Karenmama's new bento book is so so useful.. I can make so many characters by using them. Strongly recommended.. :)

Just shared this post over Shannon's WFLW, lets hop over to catch up with other great bento creations!


  1. Very cool! I love how you use the cutters to make different shapes. I always take the cutters too literally, and don't think to use them in different ways. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! I just pull my tray of cutters and search for the possible shapes that can be used. :)

  3. Elaine loves Mario, too! Your mushroom is very cute and you're very creative with the cutter.

    Same with you, I love puncher from Kaerenmama's book, it is very handy and useful.

  4. mama elaine : Thanks! hehe

  5. Cute icons bento! :D
    me too never think of making other shapes with different cutters! hee... :P

  6. So cute! My boys are so into games too lately and always requested for the game characters. I shall put this in mind :)

  7. Thanks Ai Ping for your comments and especially your precious time to visit my blog. :)

  8. I loved playing Super Mario when I was younger ;). I've always wanted to try making Super Mario bento too, but still too intimidated to do so till now... I live the mushroom man :D)!

  9. Hi CG, I think you can make a much better super mario bento than I do..:)
    so i will be waiting to see your Super Mario next..haha.