Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bento No. 76 - Friendly King of the Jungle

Happy Monday! We had a great time yesterday celebrating Mother's day. We brought the kids along with my parents and sister to 1 Borneo Mall. The kids enjoy their playtime at the playground.

After some shopping, we had lunch at the Kam Tong HK Restaurant. The food was great. The kids were exhausted but i know they totally enjoyed it.

Sometimes spending precious moments with our love ones is all that matters, we don't want to squeeze in with the crowd in those expensive restaurants for dinner.

Just a simple lunch a few laughters to share, will be a fond memory for each of us.

I made a simple Ham and Cheese sammies for E today. Use the Wilton's flower shape cutter on Ham for the Lion's mane. Round shape cutters on Cheese for the face. Cut 2 small round shape of Cheese as the nose using a bigger straw. Insert few spagetti strips for the whiskers to complete the Lion.

In the box : I add a few cubes of Pineapples (another E's favourite besides grapes), a grape jelly and a giant grape as usual.