Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bento No. 17 - Merdeka Day Onigiri Boys

Tried my hands on some onigiri and coloured them. Add Soy sauce to the brown onigiri boy, and tomato sauce for the orange onigiri boy.

I cut a small piece of cucumber, carrot and sausage for the hair of the onigiri

Make 2 carrot Tulip flower to place on top of the omelete.

As our Malaysia National Day falls on 31st August, I themed the bento Merdeka Day ( Independence Day).

The 3 different colour onigiri boy represents the multi-racial community in our country, hope we all live in harmony as always.They each carried a flag to represent their state too.


  1. cute. :D You are so creative to used 3 different color onigiri to represent our multi-racial community. Well done. Happy Merdeka Day to you & family.

  2. Just saw your 3 boys Merdeka bento!
    I wanted to make 3 colors too but was lazy so just use one color! hahahah

    Have added you to my blog list so won't miss your posts now. :)

  3. Angeleyes: we share the same mind..haha..
    Happy Merdeka Day to our Malaysia..

  4. Love it, so adorable. The picks are really fun too, they make it so festive.