Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bento No. 55 - lil Monkey and Bear go to school

My Boy asked for a Monkey bento so i try making my first Monkey. :)
Make 2 sammies using 2 diff sizes of bear shape cutter.
Place Cheese as the face of the Monkey and bear on top .(I am using bear shape cutters too..very handy tool, its a must have for bentoing)
Added a cap and hat pick for the duo.
Put in only 2 grapes for E, as you notice its a very light bento as he will have his fav fried noodle in school menu today.
I have use the newly added Tomica bento box, E is so excited to see his new bento box.


  1. Very good idea in using the bear cutter for the monkey!

    I bet E will clean the entire box!

  2. thanks Alice, yup.. he clear the box.