Monday, October 4, 2010

Bento No. 28 - Sausage Bun Puppy

Instead of buying white bread for Ethan's breakfast, I bought some cheese sausage bun from a local bakery.

I tried looking at the sausage bun for a second, thinking of what can i make out of it.

An image of a puppy came across my mind, so i just cut a ring from chocolate cupcake and cheese for its mouth, and some bear shape nori for its eyes.

Think both sides of the sausage bun looks like its floppy ears naturally.

Add Skewers of grapes and lemon slices to complete the bento.


  1. Cute puppy! Love it's cheese mouth.

  2. Thanks all for the nice comments.:)

  3. Your little one likes lemon? That is very cool. I should offer it to my girls to see what they think. Very cute puppy.

  4. Hi Kris, thanks for dropping by.
    Ya. My boy love lemon, he can eat few slices of lemon at one go without a blink of an eye..haha.

  5. So cute and creative! Totally looks like a puppy. Happy WFLW :)