Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cake Pops! A new trend!

I saw some wonderful images of " Cake Pops" or Cake Lollipops on some websites. It caught my eye immediately.

The above images was from Bakerella.

I wanted to learn to make one right away.. ( If I had the time to do so ;p)

This is going to be my another passion just like when I got to know how to make Charaben not long ago.

I am definitely interested in trying the 'Cake Pops' out during one of my free days..

If anyone has tried this, kindly drop me some advices and tips.


  1. Those cake pops from Bakerella are so cute! Bakerella released a new book a while ago about cake pops. So if you are interested, I think the book will be a great help :)

  2. ya.. wanna get the book too!
    Kids will love this.

  3. I saw lots of cute cake pops too from Bakerella. She's a cake pops queen :D

  4. tatabonita, do you have shops selling cake pops already in Malang?

    Emily, since you have tried fondant cupcake, u can make mini cupcake pops..:)

  5. I almost bought her book out of compulsiveness! I intended to make some for my boy's birthday next month but now I changed my mind... so wondering what am I going to do with that 100 pcs of lollypop sticks!!!

  6. Alice : really? if you got the chance to try on it, dont forget to share with me your tips ya!