Monday, October 11, 2010

E's assessment day

Me and hubby went for the Ethan's Pre-school Parents - Teachers day last week. His school will have 2 assessment per year.

When i just arrived at the school, I was warmly greeted by the principal Teacher Eva.

I am caught by surprise, the first thing she said to me is : " You managed to have time to make Ethan's bread for his break? The teacher and student will gather around to look at his bread everytime. I have 4 children, but i never made them such nice snack box"

Haha.. I didn't know how to react at first, though I am happy they love the bento I made for Ethan. I just said I got to know how to make cute bentos from other mummy in the website.

From what i have noticed, it is not very common for parents in my place to make Charaben. Hopefully I can spread the healthy and cute bento culture here.

And back to Ethan's assessment, it was generally good. Considering he just join the preschool in July, it has been 4 months now.

His teacher shows me his work and writings at school, I am quite surprised that he can trace some letters quite well now.

I thought he does not know how to hold a pencil properly. We cannot under estimate our child. :)

He was taught other practical skills at school too; like folding clothes, cutting straight lines, making sandwiches etc..

The long school break will commence in mid November till early January, I am still thinking what classes and activities should I arrange for Ethan so that he will not be bored at home.


  1. Yay! Lets spread the love of bento! :D
    I am having the same headache for the coming long holiday especially when the childcare is close too.

  2. yes, Ai Ping, hope I can do that.
    What activities did you arrange for your boy before during the holidays?