Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bento No. 31 - Little Tooth Fairy, a Pink Ribbon bento

My Baby E has her first tooth sprouted yesterday, she is about 7 months old now.. She is a bit slower in having her first tooth than his bro..

She has been cranky for the past few days.. think more tooth coming soon..haha..

To celebrate baby E's milestone, I made a simple butter sandwich tooth fairy..

Just to mentioned another coincidence, my hubby accidentally broke a tooth the other day and he was joking with me that his tooth has been pass on to little E by the tooth fairy. :)

I cut a tiny tooth using cheese above the mouth, thats little E's new tooth. :)

A star pick as the tooth fairy magic wand, some layered cheese ( I learn stacking 2 kind of cheese from other bento experts) as the tooth brush.

Hope little E can build up the good habit to brush her teeth twice daily when she grows up.

I came accross the " October Pink" event, raising awareness for Breast Cancer. We are encouraged to make a "pink ribbon bento" to support this event.

I have seen breast cancer survivors amongst my family and relatives. And they are still going strong after operation and treatment.

Ladies, please rememeber to go for an annual mamogram when you hit 40.

Prevent rather that regret later..


  1. Little tooth fairy with pink ribbon is adorable! Hope Baby E tooth will grow healthy and many more to come :)

  2. Cute tooth fairy! Soon you will be busy making 2 bentos instead of one! That's fun! :D

  3. Lia, Thanks..hope she copes well with her new teeth coming.

    Ai Ping, haha.. in 2 years time, i will be making 2