Monday, October 18, 2010

Bento No. 32 - A Spooky Bento

Everyone has started making "Halloween" theme bento recently. I must join in the fun too.

We don't really celebrate " Halloween" here, however i enjoyed the Halloween festive atmosphere while i was studying in UK and working in Singapore.

So I want to introduce this fun culture to my kids too.

I boiled some carrots and use the pick to carve it into a 'carrot O'Lantern'.

Placed the carrot O' Lantern on top of the omelete.

Some mini sausages as the fingers and cheese as nails.

Use the pick to cut out few ghost to place on top of the baked beans.

From the first sight of the bento, I doubt Ethan will eat it, as he might be put off by the scary bento with the fingers and ghost. :)

But he is sporty enough to eat all the sausage fingers, carrot O'Lantern and the cheesy ghosts.

I guess he gets the fun side of the Halloween now.


  1. Oh that is spooky! The fingers are creepy!!!!!

  2. Ohayo Bento: ya, me myself will think that is too creepy for E's bento..hehe..

  3. Oh~~~I love those fingers! Actually...they look more like toes!!!! how fun :D

  4. Tiffany: Thanks, you are right, it more like toes..:p(laugh).