Monday, October 18, 2010

Bento No. 33 - Cupcake O'Lantern and Batman

Ethan has requested a Batman bento since last week. I have been busy so i thought i might as well make a ' Batman Logo' in a Halloween bento as well, as ' Bats' are also a main character in a Halloween bento.

I have a pumpkin cupcake which i placed some nori on it as cupcake O' Lantern, and carve a plum into Plum O' Lantern too.

However, I think E does not really fancy plum and think he might not finish it if I put the whole piece of plum in his bento box.

I decided to slice it and mix with the skewers of grapes.

I cut a small piece of the layered cheese as mini Jack O' Lantern too.

The Batman logo was cut free hand from nori sheets. Placed it on top of a layer of cheese and Kaya sandwich.


  1. Your nori cut very neat! Layered cheese is awesome for Jack O'Lantern :)

  2. great ideas using cupcake and plum to make Jack O'Lantern. :) Perfect nori cutting skill.

  3. great idea to make a jack o cupcake!

  4. Thanks Lia, Emily & Anna2003,
    The great thing about Halloween is it gives plenty of ideas to play around with our bentos.haha..

    Just can't resist to fun of celebrating halloween.

  5. Batman & Halloween, what a perfect match! :D
    Nice nori cut of the batman logo!

  6. Thanks Ai Ping, I am kind of lazy that combine two theme in a bento.haha..
    Actually E complained why no actual 'Batman' in the bento.
    Think i got to make it up to him by making a real Batman bento in future..haha