Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cake Pops and Choc Pops

I have been thinking for trying to make some cake pops since i saw these cute little things in Bakerella website. I finally gave it a try last weekend.

I made some cake pops and choc pops for my nephew's 5th birthday party.

Get ready my ingredients: 1 pound chocolate cake ( i only use half of the cake), 4 inch pop stick, cream cheese, Candy melts ( for Choc pops) and some sprinkles.

Cut the cake into smaller pieces before i crumble them and mix with the cream cheese. Knead until its sticky, add more cream cheese for if you feel they dont stick together.

Roll them into small cake balls about 3cm in diameter, I found the larger cake balls will drop after dipping into the melted chocolate as they are too heavy. I have learnt from this lesson. :)
Chill in the freezer for about 5-10 mins.

While waiting for the cake balls to chill. Double boil (or you can use microwave) the chocolate for dipping the cake pops later.

Take out the cake balls, insert the popstick after dipping a bit of the melted chocolate. Then put it back to the fridge to chill again. Its better not to put in the freezer for longer than 10 mins, as the cake balls will turn out to be too dry, when dip in to the hot chocolate, it tends to crack.

Lesson 2 learn here.. few of my cake pops cracked and fell off the pop stick. Blunder! :(

After taken out from fridge, rotate the cake pops in the melted chocolate gently and let the excess chocolate drip. Then add your favourite sprinkles on top.

These are the few successful ones. I know there are still rooms for improvement. I found the surface is not smooth enough.

Wrapped them up in transparent plastic bags and there you go.. perfect party snacks/gifts.

I bought some Wilton's Choc pops moulds. Just melt some Chocolate bars or Candy Melts.

Fill up the moulds and let it set. Remember to give them a little tap to get rid of the trapped air.

I found there will be small holes on the chocolate if we did not give a final tap.

Here are some strawberry Chocolate filled Easter Choc mould.

However I think the cake pops are a bit on the sweet side. Maybe i will make a cake with less sugar next time. Your advice in making cake pops and choc pops are most welcome.


  1. They are so cute ! Must try making them too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Teddy bento, Thanks for dropping by and your nice comments.
    I bet you will do better than me, i have been reading your blog too, you are a great cook and baker. :)

  3. I love cake pops! Yours look so yummy and pretty and I like the chocolate pops too :D)!

  4. Thanks CG! Still need a lot of practice on this.:)